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Registration for the main Odesa running event has started

Registration for the 2nd annual half marathon – ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon that unites runners from different parts of Ukraine and from abroad in sunny Odesa has started. This year the international running event will be held June 25 with the support of Odesa city council. Information is provided by the organizer of the event – Run Ukraine company. 

In 2017 the organizers plan to gather 2100 participants and 7000 spectators for ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon. You can join the running event and become part of the sports culture now and chose the course according to your capabilities. Traditionally participants of the race are amateurs with different levels of training, and professional athletes. The program of Odessa Half Marathon includes four main individual races at the courses of 21,0975 km, 10 km, 5 km and 2 km. Organizers of the Half Marathon also offer small participants to enter the children’s races at: 1 000 m, 500 m and 100 m. The participation of children in these courses is free of charge.

The route of Odessa Half Marathon lies through historic part of the city, “Health route”, parks, Lanzheron and Arcadia embankments. The race starts near the Opera House. Participants can enjoy along the route historic monuments and unique views of the Black Sea.

“They say in Odessa “if you don’t run while you are healthy, you will have to run when you are sick”. Every year the number of Odesa citizens for whom taking up sports is a norm, grows. At the same time the city government continues to promote healthy lifestyle and to create favorable conditions for both mass and professional sports activities. I am sure that ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon in which everyone can participate choosing a course according to his or her strength, every year will gather in Odesa more and more participants from around the world. All the more, during the race you can admire the beauty of our sunny city” – says Gennadiy Trukhanov, the mayor of Odessa.

This year amateur runners will compete for a prize of 50 000 UAH. The winners of the race at a course of 21,0975 km among men and women will receive 5 000 UAH each. For the first time the Half Marathon will have a City Cup – cup for the citizens of Odesa with the winners in the course of 21,0975 km. In addition, there will be free races for students (University Cup) and representatives of security services (Security Cup). In order for participants to properly prepare for the competition, organizers plan to hold a series of public lectures and exercises, during which you can meet with professional athletes, nutritionists and experts whose knowledge and recommendations will help in preparation for the start.

“This year we are organizing the second Odessa Half Marathon – a major running event with the support of the city. ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon is more than a sporting competition. Our route introduces participants to the city, its historical sites and unique landscapes. In 2017 we plan to include more participants from Odesa, that is why for the first time we introduce the City Cup. Any citizen of Odesa who enjoys running can win. You just have to properly train in advance for the race. For those who didn’t dare to participate in the start, we offer to join the fan zones and to become fans and spectators. You can begin your contribution to the development of running community in Ukraine with this” – General Manager of Run Ukraine Dmytro Chernitskyi commented.

ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon 2017 is one of the stages of the Run Ukraine Running League 2017, which includes starts in four cities of Ukraine. In 2016 over 15 thousand runners from 50 countries participated in the League. In 2017 the organizers plan to expand the geography and participants of the League. Run Ukraine Running League 2017 is a chance for an ordinary runner to enter sports history of the city and of the country.

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