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The company “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” to be the title partner of Odesa Half Marathon 2017

Press Release of May 04, 2016 

Company Run Ukraine, that for the second year in a row serves as organizers of Odesa Half Marathon, presents the new title partner of this international event – the “ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih” company. Due to this fact, Odesa Half Marathon will update its logo design and change its name to ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon 2017.


“When organizing a sporting event, we, the Run Ukraine company, are always open to cooperation with big businesses. When industrial leaders of the country and the world support running events, it means only positive changes. First of all, this is evidence of company’s social responsibility. Supporting Odesa half marathon, the company “ArcelorMittal” contributes to development of the running culture of our country and establishes a corporate culture of sports among its employees, which means implementing world practice, because in Europe and the US business supporting sports has become a tradition. Odesa has a great running potential and we will keep developing it. It is nice that the city and our partners also share this idea, since without their support it would be impossible to organize a quality event, – says the general manager of Run Ukraine.


ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon 2017 will be held on June 25 and will bring together about 2,500 participants united by love for running and active lifestyle. Just as the running community is developing, the prize fund of ArcelorMittal Odesa Half Marathon 2017 is also increasing. This year it will amount to 48,000 UAH. The absolute winners among men and women will receive 5 thousand UAH each. All finishers of the main course and relay will receive special medals.

“ArcelorMittal Kryvyi Rih PJSC seeks to develop not only the infrastructure and economy of Ukraine but also the greatest assets of the country, young people and people of Ukraine as a whole. Our partnership with an event like Odesa half marathon reaffirms our commitment to the Ukrainian people and their welfare. Nothing aids health and physical development of a person better than running, so we encourage the people of the country to run in order to change their future.

For over 10 years, ArcelorMittal company has been one of the largest foreign investors in Ukraine. And we are pleased that our contribution helps to lay the foundation of a healthy and sporting nation, since the company ArcelorMittal aims to change the future. Change it for the better.


Odesa Half Marathon, as one of the brightest sports events in Ukraine, embodies the core values of our company – leadership, quality and sustainability. And thanks to our support it will be an unforgettable feast of sport not only of Ukrainian, but also international level, “– says Chief Marketing Officer Tatarulieva Anastasiya.


In addition to individual races, there will be relay and corporate events. Traditionally, the organizers of the half marathon invite young participants to try themselves in the children’s races at 1,000 m, 500 m and 100 m. For the first time we will hold a Family Run of 2 km, free races for students (University Cup 2 km) and representatives of security forces (Security Cup 5 km) and a charity race “Winners”, which aims to raise funds for the purchase of artificial limbs for veterans of ATO.

One of the innovations of Odesa Half Marathon is organized support zone – musical half marathon and fan zones along the routes.