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Prepare for the start – have a RUN CHECK-UP

To show a good result at the finish you must come to the start in a good physical condition. To be sure of your abilities, check your condition in advance with professionals. That is exactly what the general manager of Run Ukraine Dmytro Chernitskyi did. He had a full medical check-up in medical house Odrex in Odessa and now is confidently preparing to the start of the Prague Marathon.

RUN CHECK-UP is a comprehensive diagnosis performed by Odrex, providing analysis and physician’s advice on the results of the analysis. After passing RUN CHECK-UP you will have indicated whether or not a runner has an acute cardiac pathology at the time of the check-up.

This offer is valid only for the participants of running events. For this reason when having a RUN CHECK-UP please provide a copy of the registration for the nearest running event and identification document to Odrex administrator.

In addition to diagnosis you will get a medical certificate which you must hand in to the organizers of running events, namely, to the Odessa Arcelor Mittal Odesa Half Marathon 2017. To sign up for the RUN CHECK-UP please call (048) 730 00 30.

Special price of the RUN CHECK-UP for Odessa Half Marathon participants is 500 UAH. Thanks to Run Ukraine you save 480 UAH.

You can find more information about Odrex on the website odrex-med.com