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Yuriy Hrytsak winner of International Odesa Half Marathon 2016

June 26 Odesa hosted the International Odesa Half Marathon 2016 which was the biggest half marathon in the city history program of which included eight starts. For the first time “flagship” distance route – 21.0975 km was held in one lap around the city. Participants started near the legendary Opera House, ran along historic streets of the city, near the sea coast on the “Health route” and finished in the downtown. The race had 1,100 participants, including 150 children.

The winner among men at a course of 21.0975 km was Yuriy Hrytsak who overcame the half marathon with a result of 1:07:34.6. His main rival was weather: in spite of starting the half marathon at 8 a.m. when thermometer showed 20 degrees Celsius, in an hour temperature had risen above 30 degrees Celsius.

“Today’s start was difficult, it was very hot and hard to run on the paving, so of course I’m satisfied with the result. Each victory is the self-victory, victory over my capabilities. You know, when running for the result there is no time to look around, but I still noticed that the route is very picturesque. I would also like to thank the organizers, everything was marvellously organized”, Yuriy Hrytsak shared his impressions.

Among women Olena Fedorova finished the race first, 2 minutes ahead of her nearest rival. Interestingly, a month ago both Yuriy and Olena were second in INTERPIPE Dnipro Half Marathon.

Egor Sobolev, deputy of Ukraine, with his wife Marichka Padalko, TV presenter, also overcame the race course that day. For Marichka it is her second half marathon, and Yegor overcame such course for the first time. Wife of the Dnipro mayor Marina Filatova also ran the 21.0975 km.

Among participants who took the start today were representatives of 15 countries, including the United States, Norway, Moldovan Republic, Lithuania, Belarus, Azerbaijan and others.

“It’s pleasant that the first half marathon in Odesa was attended by participants from 15 countries. The event today was very difficult, since the weather was too hot, I would even say extreme, but we were prepared for that. There was plenty of water on the route, cooling places, shower area. I would also like to thank Gennadiy Trukhanov, the mayor of Odesa, since due to well-coordinated work of all city services the event was conducted on a high level. But I am sure that next year the event will be even bigger,” Dmytro Chernitskyi, general manager of Run Ukraine, talked about the details of the event.

A small incident occurred on the 5 km course: due to an error of the route marshals participants deviated from the route and ran a longer course. After reviewing the incident, the panel of judges decided to cancel all the results. Organizing committee apologizes for the inconveniences.

As a compensation to all participants who took the start of the 5km course at Odesa Half Marathon 2016, they have the opportunity to receive free registration to the appropriate course (5 km) for Wizz Air Kyiv City Marathon (09.10.2016) or Grand Prix Lviv Half Marathon (23.10.2016 ).

But there were also pleasant surprises: at the finish one of the participants, a kyiver Kateryna Petrenko, received a marriage proposal.

Winners of Odesa Half Marathon 2016:

21.0975 km


  1. Yuriy Hrytsak (1:07:34.6)
  2. Sergiy Marchuk (1:11:28.2)
  3. Anatoliy Bondarenko (1:12:05.3)


  1. Olena Fedorova (1:24:35.7)
  2. Valentyna Poltavska (1:26:35.1)
  3. Olga Donchenko (1:26:55.0)

10 km


  1. Vadym Melnyk (34:12.3)
  2. Oleg Yakymchuk (35:01.06)
  3. Oleksandr Kryzhevych (35:33.4)


  1. Tetyana Zabozhuk (41:38.6)
  2. Anastasia Kurchenko (45:56.4)
  3. Oleksandra Gryshyna (47:56.3)

2 km


  1. Volodymyr Shmanov
  2. Oleksandr Zakharchenko
  3. Mykhailo Minchev


  1. Inna Matyash
  2. Olga Rusinyuk
  3. Arina Annikova

Run Ukraine Running League 2016

This is a year running program that offers a variety of courses for runners of all levels of training. The 2016 program consists of 5 races. Each race has its own special features and uniqueness.

Run Ukraine Running League’16 Calendar:

The Organizer is Run Ukraine company. Under the patronage of the Odesa City Council and the Ukrainian Athletic Federation.

For additional information please contact:

Victoria Veremiienko

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