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The medals of the 5th TAVRIA V ODESA HALF MARATHON 2020 ONLINE are dedicated to the 195th anniversary of the project of Potemkin Stairs

The design of the medals of the running events of the Ukrainian Majors Running League 2020 makes up one ideological concept. The idea behind this concept is for every medal to reveal the unique and valuable aspects of each host city by having the medal depict a significant event that is related to the city and celebrates its anniversary in 2020. For example, the medals of Lviv Half Marathon are dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the birth of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, and the medals of Kyiv Half Marathon are dedicated to the 180th anniversary of the publication of the first edition of Kobzar by Taras Shevchenko.


And the medals of the anniversary 5th TAVRIA V ODESA HALF MARATHON 2020 ONLINE depict well-known Potemkin Stairs – one of the unofficial symbols of Odesa. This is a location with rich history – even Mark Twain wrote about it!


The project of Potemkin Stairs was developed by architects Francesco Boffo, Avraam Melnikov and Potier back in 1825, that is 195 years ago. This year’s medals of Odesa Half Marathon are dedicated to this anniversary.


Also, each medal has inscriptions that convey emotions of each runner with ultimate Odesa color. If you feel like saying «Mazel tov! Let’s run!» or «Don’t even think of convincing me to run again, I’m going to do it anyway» after you finish, don’t be surprised. You’ve simply EXPERIENCED Odesa 🙂




     Jaffa Mini Marathon 4.2 km Online


















Odesa Run 10 km Online


















Tavria V Odesa Half Marathon 21.0975 km Online














So, shall we run the 5th TAVRIA V ODESA HALF MARATHON 2020 ONLINE?