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New track record and the triumph of a married couple. Odesa has celebrated the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon 2018


On the last weekend of summer, on August 26, Odesa hosted its 3rd Odesa Half Marathon 2018, which became one of the largest regional events of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018.


For the first time in its history the half marathon course in Odesa gathered over one thousand participants, 1,125 to be exact! In general, over 2,215 residents and visitors of Odesa took part in the event, and over 4 thousand people came to cheer them on. The triumph on the half marathon course belongs to the Okseniuk family from Volyn.  Serhii Okseniuk received victory among men with the result of 1:12:09, and his wife Oksana won the silver medal among women (1:20:46). The first place among women and the new track record belongs to an athlete from Bukovyna Yuliia Profis, her time was 1:20:34, which is faster by 8 seconds compared to the last year record set by a resident of Odesa Valentyna Poltavska. It is worth mentioning that this is the second victory for Yuliia in the Run Ukraine races, since in the beginning of summer she got a victory in the 3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon.

Overall there were representatives of 27 countries participating in the rase, the biggest number of guests came from Belarus.


This year Odesa half marathon received the highest mark – 5 star ranking from the European Athletics Association. This is the highest level of certification and evaluation developed by leading experts of Europe.


The route of the main race in Odesa for the third year in a row goes along the central streets of the city in one lap. The start and finish of all courses took place by the Opera Theatre. Traditionally, the event took place with the support of Odesa City Council.


«It is very important to have systematic approach when organizing events like this. Odesa half marathon is important for the whole region, not only for Odesa. We create conditions and perfect atmosphere for the people to run and get to the goal they set. Here we create a special atmosphere of support, where athletes supports each other, which is a very important factor. It is very important to continue such events in the future since the number of fans of running is increasing, we already have a whole generation of runners, their children are growing up. Therefore it is important for us to follow our course. First of all, I want to thank the participants. Because we create our events for them and for their sake. It would be impossible to develop or increase the number of our events without our participants, therefore every person is important to us», – says Dmytro Chernitskyi, the General Manager of Run Ukraine.


Oleksandr Babaryka and Serhii Okseniuk were the race leaders among men. For almost 20 kilometers the athletes were running next to each other and only in the last kilometer Serhii accelerated and won the race. As a result, Oleksandr took the second place with the result of 1:12:36, and the third place belongs to Anatolii Bondarenko – 1:16:54.


“I had a feeling I would win. My pace was relatively slow, compared to by personal best time of one hour and four minutes. The weather was nice, it was pretty comfortable to run at eight in the morning. Of course, the track is a bit unlevelled, but everything was fine, everything was organized on the highest level. It was only the third race after the runs in the mountains, so I am just getting into shape, but I had always wanted to run in Odesa by the sea”, – said the winner.


If the men were able to determine the winner only on the last kilometers, the women turned out to be running faster and it resulted in the new track record. Spending the most of the race behind her rival, Yuliia Profis got ahead of everyone else on the last hill. Oksana Okseniuk finished second with the result of 1:20:46, and this lead to the triumph of the couple from Volyn in the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon. The third winner was  Khrystyna Bohomiahkova with the time of 1:21:37.


“I came to Odesa to win. From the start I was running in a company, I was behind Oksana, but picked it up before the last hill and managed to get ahead. It wasn’t easy to run, I got a cold before the race, so I had to run with enlarged lymph nodes, I could feel it. However, the conditions on the route were nice, the weather was also comfortable. I am satisfied, it is always nice to win!”- shared Yuliia.


Besides the record number of runners on the half marathon course, this year we also increased our prize fund by 16,000 UAH compared to last year, so it amounted to 65,500 UAH. The prize fund was divided between five first finishers among men and women in absolute championship on the 21.0975 km course, monetary rewards were also given to winners in seven age groups among men and women.


The program of the half marathon, besides the main half marathon course, also included individual races of 5 km and 2 km. Also for the first time it included relay races 1х10 km+1х11.0975 km HeForShe Odesa Half Marathon Relay and 3х5 km +1х6.0975 km  Under Armour Relay.


The 2 km race had a charitable cause. Its aim was to raise funds for the purchase of a negative pressure wound therapy device for Odesa Center of Endoprosthetics, which costs fifty thousand UAH.


18 players of the “Dynamo Odesa” basketball team, which represents Odesa in Superleague,  the most prestigious basketball tournament of Ukraine, ran in this charity race. The half marathon course (21.075 km) also had celebrities among its participants: the President of the Chamber of Commerce of Ukraine Hennadii Chyzhykov, Kiss FM anchor Iryna Filatova, А.Р.М.І.Я singer Svitlana Safronova, TV presenter, producer, announcer for the “Shcho?De?Koly?” Oleksandr Androsov, coach and founder of the running club “Skinny&Strong” Mariia Karachyna, radio anchor Vitalii Hilevych, co-organizer of the sports challenge Equator Challenge and the sports community We Love Sport Maksym Tydniuk, sports rehabilitologist who lost a leg yet continues leading a healthy lifestyle Tetiana Vorotilina, ambassador of Odesa Half Marathon Pavlo Kozlov, player of the national basketball team of Ukraine Andrii Ahafonov.


We also had a race for family teams – Family Run, as well as children’s races on the courses of 1000 m, 500 m and 100 m, and all young participants got their own medals on the finish line.


Participation in our events is open to anyone. The oldest participant of the race among men was 68-year-old Mykola Rylov, who finished the half marathon in 2:26:24. The oldest participant among women was 77-year-old Ida Sydnieva, who finished the 2 km charity course in 16:39,9. Participation of athletes like these proves that there is no age limit to running.


As to the medals for the finishers on the 21.0975 km course, they are different in design compared to last year. This time they have the symbol of the city of Odesa – a silver anchor. Besides the finishers on the main course, medals were awarded to all participants of relay races. Their medals were created in the shape of stairs symbolizing all the stages the participants had to get through to succeed.


On August 26 the safety of the event was ensured by  353 volunteers, 11 ambulance vehicles, 15 rescue volunteers from the Red Cross and 5 teams of Motohelp. During the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon 2 people were hospitalized, they are in stable condition with no threats to their lives.


We would like to remind that the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon is one of the seven stages of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018, which includes races in five cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia. The league was created for amateurs, after the final stage they will determine winners among men and women. The main prize of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018  is participation in a prestigious international marathon.


3rd Odesa Half Marathon became a loud major note of the running summer of 2018 and is ready to pass the baton of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018 to the capital city of our country, Kyiv, which  will host INTERSPORT RUN UA on September 9.



21.0975 km


  1. Serhii Okseniuk – 1:12:09,2
  2. Oleksandr Babaryka – 1:12:36,6
  3. Anatolii Bondarenko – 1:14:38,2


  1. Yuliia Profis – 1:20:34,3
  2. Oksana Okseniuk – 1:20:46,7
  3. Khrystyna Bohomiahkova – 1:21:37,3


5  km


  1. Oleksandr Kryzhevych – 16:25,6
  2. Volodymyr Shvets – 16:39,4
  3. Roman Stoianov – 16:55,1


  1. Oleksandra Zarovna – 19:32,0
  2. Tetiana Bilovol – 19:50,4
  3. Nataliia Saviuk – 20:30,8


2 km


  1. Anatolii Oshurko – 6:58,9


  1. Olha Hlotova – 8:41,2



For the media:

Press release in Ukrainian.: https://goo.gl/UZzUEt

Press release in Russian: https://goo.gl/A7yejL

Download images from the event: https://fex.net/233229180200/692858787



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