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United by bravery: Ukrainian charity run and fundraising for “Shahed hunter”

On November 27, participants all over the world will run with Ukrainian flags, all raised money will go to the UNITED24 fund. 


The last Sunday of November will be spent under the yellow and blue flag all over the world. On November 27, Run Ukraine’s the most massive race in 2022 “United by Bravery” will be held. The participants will run their distances in both offline format in Kyiv and online format on any spot on the planet.

After so many months of fighting, bravery as a driving force is already flowing in the veins of Ukrainians and those who support Ukraine. Bravery pays no attention to geography and distance; it unites the hearts, thoughts and hands of all people who work fruitfully for one goal’s sake.


“This time, we want to gather everyone. Volunteers, doctors, militaries, civilians, those who stayed and those who left. We want to remind that we are united not only by Ukrainian passport but also by Ukrainian citizenship and love for Ukraine. We are united by the bravery to act and move forward even under such extremely difficult circumstances. We are open to everyone who wants to run the distance and contribute to a peaceful sky over Ukraine. No matter where, if you on the side of good in this struggle, we are happy to run together with you!” – Viktoriia Veremiienko from the Run Ukraine team comments.


Run Ukraine, the organizers of the race, note that 70% of the project profit will be donated to the UNITED24 fund. The foundation, together with historian Timothy Snyder, started fundraising for “Shahed hunter” – countering enemy drones system.


Registration for the event has already been opened. The race “UNITED BY BRAVERY” itself will take place on November 27. Participants can choose the format of their participation: online, in order to have the possibility to join from anywhere in the world; and offline in order to run the chosen distance in Kyiv, together with hundreds of like-minded people. You can also choose one out of three award alternatives: online participants can receive either an electronic medal or metal medal (by mail). Those who join the race in Kyiv will get their own medal right at the finish line.


No matter what distance the participant runs (either 100 meters or half marathon), as everyone will help to protect the Ukrainian sky from enemy drones. As a reminder, Ukrainians are invincible, because they are united with each other and with the entire world.

Let’s #runtogether.


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