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Registration for the charity course of the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon open


Fundraising for charitable causes has become an integral part of running events organized by Run Ukraine. Every year the events of the Run Ukraine Running League, in addition to sporting component, also have a charitable one, which aims to raise funds and awareness of society regarding a specific issue.


This year the participants of the charity 2 km race of the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon will be raising funds for the purchase of a negative pressure wound therapy device for Odesa Center of Endoprosthetics, which costs 50 thousand UAH. Vacuum therapy is a revolutionary approach in wound treatment, since due to negative pressure, the device suctions off discharge, the vessels begin to grow into the basis of the surface, blood supply improves and the edges of the wound are tightened, thus leading to a rapid healing.


Over the past 10 years this medical institution has held over 500 endoprosthetic surgeries of the knee and hip joints. However, the Center needs proper modern equipment for toughest surgeries, including surgeries for athletes and runners.


You can join the fundraiser now by registering for the charity 2 km course of the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon, which will be held on August  26. 50% of the entry fee will be transferred to this charitable cause.


This year the participants of the three events of the Run Ukraine Running League so far have raised 180 525 грн. for the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for the hospitals of the host cities:

  1. during the 8th Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon we raised 120 000 UAH for the Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the NAMS of Ukraine;
  2. during the 3rd Interpipe Dnipro Half Marathon 48 200 UAH for the regional children’s clinical hospital;
  3. during the 3rd Molokiya Lviv Half Marathon 12 325 UAH for the Yurii Lypa Regional Hospital for war veterans and the repressed.


The charity courses of the following events will be open for registration soon:


In 2018 the Run Ukraine company has chosen a direction to work on in the coming years. It is not only fundraising, it is laying the foundation that would help develop a healthy and athletic nation.


It is easy to do good! Join us!


For the media:

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