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This weekend Odesa will host the 3rd Odesa  Half Marathon


On August 21 the press center “Odessit Ua” hosted a press conference dedicated to the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon, which will take place in Odesa on August 26.


This year the organizers from the Run Ukraine company expect 2,000 runners from various cities of Ukraine and other countries. The event will traditionally take place with the support of Odesa City Council.


This year Odesahalf marathon received the highest rank – 5 stars from the European Athletic Association. This is the highest level of certification and evaluation developed by the leading experts of Europe.


“Traditionally, for the third year in a row Odesa will host international Odesa half marathon. We already have 1,500 participants from 20 countries of the world, including runners from Poland, France, Belarus, Canada, Norway, Turkey and other countries, and the 21 km course already has over 1,000 runners, which is why Odesa half marathon is one of the largest regional running events. This means that the running movement in our country is developing and running becomes the catalyst of sports tourism”,says Dmytro Chernitskyi, the General Manager of Run Ukraine.


The route of the main race of Odesa for the third year in a row will go in one lap through the central streets of the city. The start and finish line for all courses will be located by the Opera Theatre. You can find more information on the routes of various courses on the event website.


This year the prize fund amounts to 65,500 UAH, which is by almost 16,000 UAH more than last year. The awards will be given to absolute winners among men and women on the 21.0975 km course. It will be divided among five first finishers among men and women in absolute championship, monetary prizes will also be given to the participants taking the first, second and third place in seven age groups among men and women.


“This year we confirmed Odesa Half Marathon in advance and were able to inform the community ahead of time, which is why the runners were able to start training in advance. I am confident that this year this feast of sports will traditionally have the highest level of organization. I invite everyone to take part in the Odesa half marathon.”- says Oleksii Murin, the Deputy Head of the Department of physical education and sport of Odesa City Council.


The program of the half marathon will include three individual races on the courses of 21.0975 km, 5 km and 2 km. In 2018 for the first time it will include relay races: 1х10 km+1х11.0975 km HeForShe Odesa Half Marathon Relay and 3х5km +1х6.0975 km Under Armour Relay.


Traditionally Odesa half marathon will include Family Run, which is open for participation for of family teams in any combination, even for parents with babies in strollers or carriers. Each participant of this race will get a branded t-shirt. It will also include children’s races of 1,000 m, 500 m and 100 m, and all young participants will get their medals on the finish line.


The 3rd Odesa half marathon will include a 2 km charity run, which will be raising funds for the purchase of a negative pressure wound therapy device for Odesa Center of Endoprosthetics, which costs fifty thousand hryvnia. Vacuum therapy is a revolutionary approach in wound treatment, since due to negative pressure, the device suctions off discharge, the vessels begin to grow into the basis of the surface, blood supply improves and the edges of the wound are tightened, thus leading to a rapid healing.


Among the participants of the charity race there will be players of the basketball team “Dynamo Odesa” – the club that represents Odesa in the best basketball tournament of Ukraine – Superleague!


When it comes to the medals for the finishers of the main course of 21.0975 km, they are different from the ones we had last year. This year the medals will have the images of the symbol of the city of Odesa. Besides the finishers of the main course, the medals will be presented to each participant of the relay race, and this year their medals will bein the shape of stairs symbolizing that the team needs to go through a lot to get to their goal.


We would like to remind that the 3rd Odesa Half Marathon is one of the seven stages of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018, which includes races in five cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia. The League was created for amateurs in running, after the final stage we will determine winners among men and women. The main prize of the Run Ukraine Running League 2018  is participation in a prestigious international marathon.


PLEASE, NOTICE: On August 26, some streets of Odesa will be closed for traffic due to the large-scale running event! You can check out the schedule for closing streets for traffic on the official website:  https://odesahalfmarathon.org/



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