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This weekend Odesa will host the 4th Tavria V Odesa Half Marathon


On September 11 Impact Hub hosted the press conference dedicated to the 4th Tavria V Odesa Half Marathon that is to take place in Odesa for the fourth time on September 15. 

This year the organizers, Run Ukraine, expect 3,500 runners from various cities of Ukraine and from abroad. As always, the event is held with the support of Odesa City Council.


“For the fourth year in a row thousands of runners will come to race at the banks of the Black Sea. There will be not only Odesa residents, but also guests from other cities and even from abroad. Athletes from over 20 countries will come to Odesa, including runners from Finland, France, Norway, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Great Britain and the United States. Odesa half marathon not only promotes healthy lifestyle, but also contributes to the development of domestic and foreign tourism, economy and worldwide promotion of Ukraine”,says Dmytro Chernitskyi, the General Manager of Run Ukraine.



The race will start by the monument to Duke de Richelieu with the view of Odesa sea port and Vorontsovskyi lighthouse. It will go through the historic part of the city, along the Health trail, park portion of the city, through Lanzheron and Arkadiia embankments. Participants will be able to enjoy historical sights and unique Black Sea landscapes along the route. Routes.


Prize fund:

In 2019 the prize fund has almost doubled and now comes to 124,000 UAH. There will be 5 winners in absolute championship among men and among women running the half marathon course. They will get monetary rewards from 8,000 UAH to 2,000 UAH. There will also be prizes for winners in age groups.

In the Under Armour Relay 3х5+1х6.0975 km the winning team will get 8,000 UAH, the teams taking the 2nd and 3rd places will get memorable prizes.

Winners will also be determined in the team race Team 4х21.0975 km. According to the total amount of time it took all team members to finish the course, we will determine three fastest teams who will be rewarded: 1st place – 6,000 UAH, 2nd place – 4,000 UAH, 3rd place – 2,000 UAH.



Odesa half marathon will include children’s races of 1000 m, 500 m and 100 m, and every young athlete will get his/her medal at the finish line.

Finishers of the half marathon course will be presented medals with Vorontsovskyi lighthouse. Runners on the 10 km course will also get finisher’s medals.

Teams participating in the relay will be presented medals that can be put together into one as a symbol of their teamwork.



Odesa half marathon is not only an important running festival, but also an event that develops domestic and foreign tourism. This weekend Odesa will welcome 1,500 runners from other cities of Ukraine and over 140 foreign participants. Most of them will come from Moldova, Turkey, and Poland. We will have participants from 22 countries.


Elite runners, participating in the race:

21 km, men:

Serhii Okseniuk – 01:04:40 – Winner of Odesa Half Marathon 2018

Oleksandr Matviichuk 01:03:58 Winner of Marathon in North Korea

Anatolii Bondarenko 01:10:48 Bronze medalist of Odesa Half Marathon 2018

21 km, women:

Valentyna Poltavska – 01:17:52 – Winner of Odesa Half Marathon 2017

Oksana Okseniuk – 01:16:50 – Silver medalist of Odesa Half Marathon 2018

Valentyna Kiliarska – 01:15:25 – Multiple winner of the Ukrainian Championship


Running League:

We would like to remind that the 4th Tavria V Odesa Half Marathon is one of six stages of the Run Ukraine Running League 2019, which includes races in five cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Dnipro, Lviv, Odesa, Zaporizhzhia. The League was created for amateur runners and after the last stage we will determine winners among men and women. The main prize of the Run Ukraine Running League 2019  is participation in a prestigious international marathon.

Closing of streets:

PLEASE, NOTICE! On Sunday, September 15, and partially on September 13 and 14 some streets in the downtown area of Odesa will be closed for traffic due to the international Odesa half marathon 4th Tavria V Odesa Half Marathon which will result in the change of routes of public transportation.




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Organizer – Run Ukraine



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